Rhombus Space
presents *Retrofit*, a solo show featuring a new installation by *Carrie

*Opening Reception Tomorrow: Friday, Sept. 25: 6-9 PM*

Exhibition Dates: Sept. 25 – Oct. 25, 2015.

183 Lorraine St, 3FL #33 Brooklyn, NY 11231

*Carrie Rubinstein*’s work embodies a space beyond the confines of ordinary
reality. Transforming the gallery with pen and ink on paper, and
constructed and handmade paper objects, *Rubinstein* creates an invented
domestic environment. The viewer encounters a room where space is carefully
assembled with layered paper, and expands through pictorial illusion.
Translucent embossed ceiling tiles accented by a paper chandelier, filter
the gallery’s light which enfolds visitors as they explore an improvised
world. Honoring truth and fiction, *Rubinstein* embraces an intuitive
methodology of making through a trial and error system. Retrofit invites us
to contemplate presence and absence.

“Retrofit”, 2015. Detail view of installation. Ink and pen on paper.
©2015 Rhombus Space & Katerina Lanfranco | 183 Lorraine St. 3rd Floor, #33,
Brooklyn NY 11231