Textually Transmitted, Structures of Authority, featuring works by Brandi Martin and Bryan Anthony Moore, opens Thursday, July 16, installed inside the the historic Donald W. McKinney Chapel, 116 Pierrepont St. in Brooklyn Heights.

The opening night party runs from 7-9 pm with special guest DJ Anita Wacky Serwacki (AKA The Meatmistress) who, in the spirit of multiple readings of a text, will spin eclectic covers in the reception area. The exhibition will continue Saturdays and Sundays 9-4 and by appointment through July 21.

Bryan Anthony Moore, whose work has previously shown at the
Diego Rivera Gallery, Stroke Art Fair Munich, Angel Orensanz Center and in Juxtapoz magazine, will be showing works from his National Myth-Story series, featuring depictions of mythic American history and conservative propaganda that has bought its way into public school textbooks. His work is centered on the Texas State Board of Educations manipulations which figure largely in the current history debates about the Confederate flag, the Founding Fathers and the role religion was supposed to have (or not have) in our government.
More information about his work can be found at http://www.BryanAnthonyMoore.net/

Brandi Martin’s installation of 12 works investigate the authority of text over images, and subvert that authority to create metacognitive objects. She has shown her work at Storefront Ten Eyck and BHQFU, and this August participates in “Ritual Art: Time and Space” in Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria. She’s one of ten artists chosen from more than ninety applications worldwide.
More information about the artist can be found at http://www.brandimartinfineart.com

Event information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1457934031188081/