“Silently Through the Night” is an experimental multimedia exhibition and interactive experience intended to spotlight the communal effects of depression and the mythos of the “strong black woman” in communities of color. The one night exhibition by artist Christie Neptune and curated by Candice Fortin, will feature the screenings of two short films: “What Was Taken” and “Talk With Me” as well as the mobile app launch of “In The Deep.” “In The Deep” offers exclusive insight into the exhibition; providing readers with further access to video, photography and audio. We are also using this app as a place for readers to access resources and join the discussion on Mental Health in communities of color.

There will be a post-show reception and panel discussion at 8pm with guest panelists Nicole Chaplin, Nia Hamm, Candice S. Watkins and Moderated by Yatta Zoker.

In recent studies, it was found that sixty percent of women of color suffer from depression, however very few seek professional help because of the communal stigmas associated with it. In light of recent suicides by women of color (Karyn Washington and Titi Branch among others) conversations like these are essential. That is why this project is important. In this exploration of “self” and “other”, I will investigate how race, class, and gender factors in one’s perception. As confidence…depression…anger are privileges wielded only by the politically, economically and socially advantaged white majority, are we, as women of color, entitled to own such feelings?”

Help us open up a thoughtful and engaging discussion on the issue of women’s depression in communities of color and hopefully have attendees leave the room with a little more light.