Volonis Pagan Poetry Image Invite

A New Series of Kintsugi-Fusion and Copper Sculpture Presented by the Vanderbilt Republic,
May 21 – June 6

Volonis’ copper work, which has been included in shows by MOMA and The Brooklyn Museum curators, transforms industrial tubing and joints into exquisitely patterned wall art pieces that radiate burnished warmth and command examination of their complex networks of lines and curves – reflecting the artist’s fascination with the tension between harmony and discord.  This will be his second solo show with the Vanderbilt Republic.

“Through my art I have always sought to capture how precision can hide in plain view within a seemingly chaotic whole, and I have an ideal co-conspirator in copper, which is unrivaled among metals in warmth, versatility and adaptability,” said Volonis.  “Beyond showcasing the beauty of copper, I also want to show how it seems to conduct energy and even music through the complex patterns of the sculptures.”

Most recently, Volonis has explored the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi (translated as “to repair with gold”), which mends broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered 24k gold.  Pagan Poetry will feature his first-ever exhibited kintsugi works, including shattered and repaired ceramics as well as pieces made from unconventional, natural materials.

Pagan Poetry is presented as part of Vanderbilt Republic’s 9th Street Phenomenon, a creative management group curated by George Del Barrio.

Pagan Poetry
Gowanus Loft – 61 9th Street, Brooklyn.
Opening Reception – May 21st from 6 to 11pm