If feel like your website doesn’t represent you and your talents as well it could …
If you’ve ever posted something to your business Facebook or Twitter account and wondered why you’re wasting your time on social media …
If you sometimes struggle to describe yourself clearly and passionately when you’re asked the common question “So, what do you do?” …

join a small group of artists, freelancers, small business owners, solopreneurs and other creatives like you for a day focused on improving your self promotion so you get the results you’re after.

This workshop is hosted by two self-employed marketing consultants who are themselves creative women of Brooklyn — Colleen Newvine is a writer who helps her artist husband, John Tebeau, with his marketing, and Amanda Hirsch is an improv comedian.

Newvine and Hirsch know there are a zillion other marketing classes out there, but they believe they’re offering something special:
It’s by and for the creative women of Brooklyn — we’ll tailor our suggestions to your needs, and you’ll get to learn with and from women like you.

It’s a mix of high-level strategy and hands-on tactics — You won’t just learn how to tweet or tips for email newsletters, we’ll help you set clear goals, craft your personal story and identify your audience as the foundation for your marketing, then you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work on your plan.

It’s fun — baked into the cost are your choice of brunch entry with a boozy beverage, plus a cocktail at happy hour, at the Village Voice’s best cocktail bar in NYC. You’ll have time to get to know each other and enjoy Sunday socializing.

When you sign up for this workshop, you also have the chance to join a small, supportive community of like-minded ladies — the Creative Women of Brooklyn. You’ll become part of a group you can come to with questions or challenges, you’ll get tips and encouragement on how to keep moving forward, and you’ll have peers who will cheer your progress. Newvine and Hirsch will help you accomplish the goals you set during the workshop.

Learn more or sign up now:
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