Part II
Howard Eisman, Fred Hatt, Arlene Morris
February 13 – March 15, 2015
Reception: Friday evening, February 13, 6-9PM
fine art of the human form
168 North 6th St. (1 block from Bedford Avenue “L” train)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211
hours: Saturday and Sunday from 1-6PM

Without/Color is a two-part exhibition featuring six artists. Three artists, Meridith McNeal, Alexander Ney, and Joanne Scott, have executed work void of color. Three artists, Howard Eisman, Fred Hatt, and Arlene Morris, have used a palette rich in color for their work.

The initial concept for these consecutive exhibitions was to explore the impact of color, and lack thereof, in an environment. Figureworks, an intimate gallery, quickly embraces whatever is placed within it and though there have been nearly 100 exhibits in this space, what has transpired from these installations is far more powerful than what was envisioned.

The first exhibition in this two-part series showcased Meridith McNeal’s cloudy watercolors, Joanne Scott’s intimate life drawings and Alexander Ney’s white terra-cotta sculptures. The exhibition was void of color creating a tranquil, atmospheric presence.  

PART II of this exhibition is strikingly dissimilar. 

Arlene Morris has completed a new series of oil paintings that are rich in color, symbolism and mystery. Her subjects are placed in whimsical environments shrouded by spectacular wildlife.  Self-taught artist Fred Hatt has been drawing from life for over 30 years. These new drawings are multi-layered, multi-colored figures on black paper. 3-D glasses are available to provide an additional experience – the overlapping forms clearly separate by color and float on the page in different dimensions.  Notable large-scale enamelist Howard Eisman has taken on the formidable challenge of creating free-standing figures in fused glass on hammered copper. These sculptures are a feast of luminous color. 

As anticipated, the impact of all this saturated color has completely transformed the space from the previous series. A warm glow has replaced the airy briskness and the fanciful imagery has moved the environment toward a more boisterous emotional level.

Figureworks is located at 168 North 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211, one block from the Bedford Avenue “L” train. The gallery is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 PM and is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary and 20th century fine art of the human form.

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