We are looking for art to feature in INSIGHT: Crossroads issue coming out in March.

Crossroads – most commonly defined as an intersection point; a point at which a crucial decision has to be made; a central meeting place (or for the Supernatural fans: the place where your soul is put up for sale in exchange for a wish).

This is the theme for the next issue and we want to see your artistic interpretation of Crossroads. This theme is very applicable to the current state of the world and the frequent positions we find ourselves in as we go through life.

Details for your art submissions:

We are looking for your art – in whatever form it comes.

Please send over your photographs, paintings, poetry, short stories, interviews, drawing, illustrations and anything else that embodies your interpretation of Crossroads.

Send us your art via by February 23, 2015

***You must include the following in your email***

  • Your full name
  • Artist name you want published (if it differs from full name)
  • Your Contact info (email and phone)
  • Your Website (if applicable)
  • Place you currently reside (i.e.. Brooklyn, NY)
  • Bio (max of 35 words)
  • Title(s) of your work(s)
  • Medium, size and year of creation (for any visual art)
  • Optional: INSIGHT statement which gives our readers insight into the work you are sharing. We feel gives the audience a deeper connection to your work as it provides insight into the what/why/what you want to communicate etc. of your pieces.

Visual Art Contributions:
Send photos (low-res files) or a description of the planned pieces you want considered for the issue.

Written Contributions (i.e.. articles, essays, interviews etc):
Send a short description of your proposed article, essay, or text.

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