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Endless Care
Curated by Sheryl Oppenheim

Works by Paul DeMuro, Steven Mayer, Andria Morales, Ian Pedigo and Sun You
Shortly after Olive Garden’s Endless Pasta Pass made its debut, offering seven weeks of unchecked
pasta consumption for $99, an enormous Powerpoint created by a group of shareholders called
Starboard Value LP made its rounds on the internet, in what amounted to a 235 page plea for care.
The importance of care is evident, and yet the practice is often spotty, because to care requires a
sincerity and conviction that resists half-hearted attempts or generalizations. We are at the surreal
point where a hedge fund is demanding that the board of directors of a chain restaurant start to care.

In Jan Verwoert’s 2008 essay Exhaustion and Exuberance, he suggests the idea of care as a way to
subvert the pressure to perform in a high-performance society—to “shatter the illusion of limitless
potency” of the individual by acknowledging the debt of inspiration that we owe to other artists,
friends, lovers, and histories. Verwoert writes, “To practice a politics of dedication and recognize an
indebtedness to the other as the condition of your ability to perform means to acknowledge the
importance of care. You perform because you care for someone or something. This care gives you
the strength to act, not least because to not act is out of the question when someone or something
you really care for or about requires that you should act.” “Endless Care” is based on the idea of
care and its connection to indebtedness and specificity.

Corina Reynolds & Kimberly McClure

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Image: Maul. Ian Pedigo, 2014