I was bouncing around on Kickstarter this morning and came across a local project that sounds amazing – a site specific work on the Gowanus Canal. Their description is below, follow the link to support the project – pledges start at a very affordable $10.

A spectacular new site-specific work combining sculpture, costumes, music, sound, and theater. On a boat.

The Dreary Coast is an original site-specific immersive work that takes place on the Gowanus Canal. Imagine the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at night in the middle of a crumbling industrial neighborhood.

Our story centers on the character Charon, the boatman on the River Styx. It’s got elements from Greek and Roman myths, pieces of Dante’s Inferno, and blasts of black metal.

It’s a tragedy. And it’s very funny.



Dreary Coast Show Poster. Handmade silkscreen with custom stamps. 18×24. By Jason Engdahl.