George Spencer with Joe Brown, Vincent Campanella, James Carlin, Laurent Casimir, John Fenton, Eugene Higgins, Lee Jackson, Russell Patterson, Nathan Rapoport, Johannes Schiefer, Lois Williams

Guest Curator: Alison Lowery

September 6 – October 5, 2014

Reception:  Friday, September 12th from 6-9PM with Williamsburg Every 2nd Friday –  when all galleries stay open late
Musical performance by Paul Buffa and Nicholas Grodsky, featuring a 978 Fender Rhodes Mark 1

Figureworks is pleased to open the fall season with an exhibition exploring the many forms of competition. Whether in sport, nature, or business, there is ultimately a winner and a loser. 

And the winner is….  features work from George Spencer’s Boxing series.  Spencer is a Brooklyn artist who paints boxing contenders, the bloodied yet unbowed.  Using a monochromatic palette, Spencer layers acrylic wash to create unique portraits of individual contenders covered with blood, sweat and tears. His subjects originate as self portraits and are used as a metaphor for the universal human struggle.  In the artist’s words, ”Boxing is simultaneously a thinking man’s and a working class sport – both are traits that define me and my relationship with this borough.”

This exhibit also includes paintings and sculpture from a talented and diverse group of 20th century artists. These artists represent the many forms of competition ranging from Eugene Higgin’s gruesome safari hunt to Russell Patterson’s whimsical courtroom scene. Other works include Lois Williams’ carnival games, Laurent Casimir’s cock fight, contestants from a 1950’s Central Park dance contest by Lee Jackson, and Nathan Rapoport’s religious sculpture of Jacob wrestling with the angel.

This exhibition reminds the viewer that we are constantly competing throughout our lives, even when we are not consciously aware of it. Our daily decisions and struggles inevitably result in victory or defeat.

Figureworks is located at 168 North 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211, one block from the Bedford Avenue “L” train. The gallery is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 PM and is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary and 20th century fine art of the human form.

For more information please call 718-486-7021 or visit us online at www.figureworks.com

fine art of the human form
168 North 6th St. (1 block from Bedford Avenue “L” train)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hours: Saturday and Sunday from 1-6 PM