Opening reception: August 29th , 7­10 pm
Open for viewing: August 29th ­ September 19th
Small Editions
60 Sackett Street
Ground Floor/Double Yellow Doors
Brooklyn, NY 11231

As we near the end of summer Daylight Savings Gallery is pleased to announce Burnout, a group
exhibition hosted by Small Editions, an artist book bindery in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer argued 80 years ago in “The Culture Industry: enlightenment
as mass deception,” that the effects of late capitalism creates a condition in with there are
“appropriations of everything, even the inchoate, for the purposes of mechanical reproduction.” Here
we are 2014, with more sophisticated forms of deception than ever, so complex and embedded
within the culture, that understanding it externally, without using the products and imagery of it, can
seem exhaustive, and boring. 😀

“The Culture Industry” relies on the fact that all products are produced under the same scheme
allowing them to be “readable” and effortlessly digested. The selected artist’s work both critique, and
subversively twist this consumer language. They use exaggerated visual languages as a means to
convey unease, burnout, and an escapist desire. Acting as relics of youth and American pop culture,
these works create a sense of familiarity that is quickly disrupted through unanticipated content and
form. Candy coated surfaces may suggest a fast path to delirium, but it’s a long dirt road back. Let’s
drink some koolaid.

Beverly Fishman
Cara Heslip
Nicole Killian
April Childers
Faren Ziello


Daylight Savings Gallery is a roaming, artist­run exhibition program based in Brooklyn, NY.
This exhibition is hosted by Small Editions. In this exhibition we will also host small scale
and editioned projects by various artists on The Shelf.