AndyDialog#247 OilCanvas54x42MelSmothers2012b AndyDialog256oilcanvas24x24MelSmothers2013b AndyDialog263oilcanvas54x54MelSmothers2014b

Andy Dialog #247 Oil on Canvas, 54×42
Andy Dialog #256 Oil on Canvas, 24×24
Andy Dialog #263 Oil on Canvas, 54×54

Artist Statement
The art world has two opposite values; One for Art Beauty and one for Art Money.
Since I was taught the value of painting by Wayne Thiebaud’s Pop Art, my career was troubled by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art valued by material success. I found some sort of answer when I began painting postcards to Warhol starting in 2005.
For my current ‘postcard’ subject, I’ve come to Spanish Pieces of Eight recovered from the 1633 shipwreck of the Spanish Galleon “Atocha.” With these coins I’ve found a similarity with Warhol’s factory. Each coin was hand poured and hand stamped by a Peruvian slave in service to the King, and then sent to Him to spend.