Join us for our 5th annual Brooklyn Bridge anniversary artshow. The Bridge will be 131 this May 24th!

For the 5th year in a row, Urban Folk Art® Gallery will be honoring the anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge with it’s annual group art show.

Brooklyn Native, Curator, and resident artist Adam Suerte remembered how the centennial of the Brooklyn Bridge was such a huge deal to Brooklyn and N.Y. when he was a teenager in the 80’s. There was some fanfare for the 125th anniversary , but 5 years ago he wondered “why not celebrate the bridge’s birthday every year”? Since then, every May (the bridge was opened to the public on May 24th 1883) he’s been gathering dozens of artists from a variety of backgrounds and mediums to create their homages to one of the most enduring landmarks of Brooklyn, a landmark that is recognized all over the world. This year over 30 artists will be showing work, from Painters, illustrators, photographers, tattooers, printmakers, designers, animators, and legendary Graffiti artists

Last year Suerte bought a bunch of surplus paint made for the Brooklyn Bridge over a decade ago at an online auction. Not only did he have every artist in the show use the paint, he redesigned and repackaged it and sold the surplus of the surplus at the gallery. This year only a few artists are using the paint, but the rest of the limited edition surplus will be for sale, as well as the art on the walls, and some limited edition prints by the artists in the show.

Artists include:
Jason Mitchell, Greg Lamarche, Chris Soria, Alice Mizrachi, Mahoney Perkins, Woodz, Adam Suerte, Gigi Bio, Sara Martin, Subtexture, Joseph Meloy, Angry Eel, Marc Evan, Lee Greenfeld, Dave Tree, Pete Conlon, Robert Bonhomme, Edgartista, Willie Paredes, Myke Maldonado, Jaimie Walker, Gabriel Pantoja, Mike Sorgatz, Jenn Steffey, Andrew Thompson, Luther Davis, Leah Perrotta, Anthony Jehamy, Ron Saster, Michael X Rose, Jeff Burke, John Adam Fahey, Terry Tapp, Trap IF, Stephen Gaffney

Opens May 23 from 7-10pm
The show is up from May 23rd to June 17th at
Urban Folk Art® Gallery
101 Smith Street
South Brooklyn, N.Y.
718 643 1610