“Not Forgotten” is comprised of works that were originally intended to become tattoos for Guy Ursitti’s clients. These drawings and ideas were conceived during his travels but never became fully realized or were re-worked from the originals. Not satisfied to let these images lay in waste, he decided to bring them to life on paper. All works in this show are mixed media (ink, water color, and acrylic).

About the Artist:

Born and raised in Downtown Manhattan, Artist/Tattooer Guy Ursitti has been in the tattoo game long before skin art became fashionable in mainstream pop-culture. Drawn to the fine arts from a young age, Guy became intrigued with tattoo culture at 11 years old when he perused his first tattoo magazine. The fire was lit, sparking the evolution of catholic school boy to mad scientist, to artist and Tattooer Man. His motivation stems from the desire to bring together art and tattooing, while simultaneously breaking traditional rules to create cohesive visual masterpieces. Influenced mainly by modern and classical illustration, Japanese and Traditional tattooing, and his urban downtown world, this well rounded artist says, “Modern tattoo plays a big role in my current interests and I often find inspiration from the people directly in my line of site, such as the people I work with and am surrounded by.”

Though always fascinated with the arts, Guy chose to follow a more traditional path attending SUNY Cortland as a Physics major. It wasn’t long until he realized that his passion for drawing and painting would not take second seat to science. Guy graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with a B.A. in Fine Arts with a concentration in Illustration.

Always seeking innovative ways to manipulate mediums and evolve as an artist and tattooer, Guy Ursitti has and continues to push the limits of conventional techniques and boundaries with the skill, dedication, and creative conceptualization of a true master of his craft.

About Eight of Swords:

Eight of Swords combines fine art exhibitions, custom tattooing, body piercing, and boutique shopping in a relaxed and unique environment. Housed in an original Williamsburg storefront built in the 1840s, Eight of Swords harkens back to an old­ world style ambience in a clean and inviting environment. Under ornate tin ceilings, wrought iron chandeliers and a warmly lit decor, patrons can browse new art exhibits and an exclusive collection of jewelry while the low meditative buzz of tattoo machines blends with selections of jazz, soul, blues, and rock. Every detail at Eight of Swords reflects a commitment to style and perfection.