Brooklyn Photographers at Grumpy Bert

Up on the walls from July 2-21, 2013 Brooklyn photographers Jennifer Reinstein, Roberto C. Madruga and Charles Heppner.

Reception: Tuesday, July 9th (6:30-8:30pm)

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Jennifer Reinstein is a fine art and children’s photographer.  She shoots both digital and film, and has a particular affinity for plastic toy cameras.  The images in this show are from a collection of photos taken in Coney Island over the last ten years.  All of the photographs are shot on a Holga 120mm camera.  Originally from Los Angeles, Jennifer is now a Brooklyn resident.

Surface Beauty by Kristin Kunc

Solo Exhibition
July 10 – August 10, 2013

Opening Reception
Thursday, July 11, 6:00-9:00pm, Artist Talk @ 7:30pm

Dacia Gallery is pleased to present “Surface Beauty”, a solo exhibition of works by New York artist Kristin Kunc. Her work explores the depths of the feminine perspective with a nostalgic elegance that recalls the past and languorously contemplates the future. Through luxurious garments, calm domesticity, and beautiful objects—including the figure—she delves into the idea of the feminine and all its complicated connotations. Painted in a traditional manner, the works are lush indicators of unadulterated femaleness—showcasing silks, satin, and lace as well as soft, beseeching colors and cool light. But these tactile and sensorial revels lead to examinations of how women situate themselves psychologically in present contemporary culture. In conventional gender roles, it’s easy to adorn oneself with the accoutrements of femininity and have your identity defined. It’s sexy and simple. But however beautiful the women in Kunc’s paintings are, they are not simply objects of beauty. Instead, they are inaugural to the scenes in which they are situated, subtly commanding the viewer’s attention as soon as the first glance. Caught in moments in which they are at odds with what is expected of them, these beauties carry with them a loaded and conflicted perspective. Their stories evolve as the viewer bears witness to their moments of self-reflection. This connection elevates the figures beyond mere surface beauty and suspends them, much like a delicate chrysalis, in moments of perfect potentiality—as they muse about what they are faced with and what they should and could become.

Dacia Gallery 53 Stanton St., New York, NY 10002

Primary Works by Jessie Kotler
On view July 5- July 18, 2013

Opening Tuesday, July 9, 6-8pm

At Soapbox Gallery
636 Dean Street, Brooklyn

Jessie Kotler is interested in vulnerability and mortality, choosing to look at things that many prefer to look away from, such as death. Her photographs show what is real, to make us aware of the whole story, without missing any part of it.  She takes photographs to become intimate with all beings. She searches for herself in her subjects. Regardless of how the photo is taken, what she looks for is always the same: I am interested in vulnerability and mortality. I like to look at things that many choose to look away from such as death. I spent the last year working at a hospice sitting with people while they were dying. Seeing death up close makes me feel more alive – Jessie Kotler

Soapbox Gallery continues the tradition of the humble yet mighty soapbox by offering a box-shaped window space for artists to express themselves to a large and diverse audience.