An unsuspected observer looks down on a city street and records human movements in “infared.” Is this a document of ordinary life in real time, or photos supporting evidence of clandestine activity, or stills of a drama already screened for another audience? Is this surveillance being noted and reported to the appropriate authorities? Is the surveillance being carried out by the same authorities? Is a rogue watcher involved? Is something bad about to happen?

“Screened: Amsterdam” consists of three 30″ x 40″ black and white images, originally from iphone photos of townhouses shot through a window screen, and an 22″ x 14″ “document” recording two experiences of travelers in the city. of My process is to scan, print, rescan and enlarge to create images that are indistinct and hard to discern, particularly up close, and that suggest images from memories that you can’t quite seem to recall.