Combines, Star Wars, floating trapezoids, and tires make for an exploded version of space. Found objects are tools and subjects, to create images. Repeated patterns emerge and any thing that has a perforated surface will do. I use found -objects as stencils. Spatulas, drains, laundry baskets, colanders, perforated metals are used as ready-made stencils. They let the paint come through.

Transparencies are adhered to the canvas have a distinct high graphic quality; they are in focus, plus I can repeat the images at will. I use transparencies to project an image on to a canvas and for the actual image as well. Growing up I loved artists who used assemblage as their way of creating.  As an adult, I feel the days of Rauschenberg are over.  It’s time to mash them all together. Tools are part of the process, as well as the subject matter. It completes drawing and painting.

Process and end of process is the same thing. Creating with powdered graphite and medium makes for imitate atmosphere. It blurs, smears and turns into movement flowing and floating in the spatial plane. The picture space/ outer space is not dark and black, its white with energy.  A diagram of a black hole is a major subject to the series. Subtle color makes up the majority of the palette. Any one can make a clown face of colors; to limit color is approaching the divine.

Robot parts are parts, to create a whole.

Tools are part of the process as well as the subject matter.

Reverse painting…with the use of enamel paint make for a slick surface and painterly quality that harkens back to older days.

Artist Bio

Peter Konsterlie is an award-winning artist who has over twenty-five years of experience in all areas of Fine Art, Design, Film, and Video Production.  Konsterlie has a long list of credentials such as ABC News, Target Stores, and Disney Studios. Konsterlie is also heavily involved in community efforts such as Vietnam Veterans for Peace, Black Rock Food Pantry and WPKN Community Radio. Peter has taken classes at Pratt Institute and is a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design. An accomplished painter, Konsterlie has a long list of exhibitions under his belt. His work has been seen at venues such as The Aldrich Contemporary Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Plains Art Museum, Carnegie Mellon in Washington D.C., Westport Art Center, Sacred Heart University, Sarah Bowen Gallery in Williamsburg New York, Housatonic Museum, Art Space New Haven, Claire Oliver Gallery, and most recently at the Drawing Center Viewing Program. Konsterlie’s works are featured in numerous public and private collections including: John Stossel, Disney Studios, Guthrie Theater, Mighty Ducks Features, Mall of America, Minnesota State Fair, P.T. Barnum Museum, Rain Forest Cafe, Jason Carvey (A New Wave), Lacey Cabert (Mean Girls, Party of Five), University of Bridgeport. Community efforts include Project Return Birdhouse Auction, Altered book auction Westport library, Nurture Art- helping young artists, Art for Haiti, Aids Awareness Auction, Monothon Norwalk Print Center, Art Space Gala Auction, Independent Film Fundraiser for Bridget Stokes in Stamford, CT, Green Chimneys, Aids Benefit, Kids with Disabilities, NEA benefit, Children Defense Fund, Beat the Odds, and Charles Schultz Tribute for 9/11 heroes.

IMG_0542 IMG_0545 IMG_0549 IMG_0554 IMG_2964 KONSTERLIE-Black-Hole-Sun_mixed-media-24x24_450w