I paint what feels good when it feels good because it feels amazing.  My artistry didn’t derive from any sort of formal training.  I’ve never even learned the different “styles” of painting.   After receiving degrees in Criminal Justice, I decided that I would much rather pursue a career as an artist and creator.  I have been creating a distinct line pattern since the age of 13 that is still very prevalent in my work today, especially my most recent collection entitled “Queendom.”  I have a fascination with crowns and I often times equate an individual’s hair to being their crown.  With Queendom, I spent time fusing my intricate line design with women and their crowns.  As the collection grew, I felt that it was only proper to give them a collective identity of their own, which was Queendom. This collection allows me to project my identity onto the world and will hopefully allow other women to embrace their Queendom as well.

IMG_9300 IMG_9305 IMG_9310 img-9a queendom