Curated by Risa Shoup and Maximilian Bode
Featuring Markus Bradley, Delano Dunn,Nancy
Hubbard,Kiya Kim,Anne Mourier,Bethany Robertson,
andIan Trask.
At the Recession Art Gallery, 47 Bergen St Brooklyn
Opening May 3, 6-10 pm
On View Thru May 24

During a studio visit Max told Risa about an idea for a show of artists’ proposals for fantastic, nearly
impossible exhibitions. Risa was quite taken by the idea, and some months later, when the
opportunity to curate this exhibition arose, she thought it might be the right time to manifest Max’s
idea. But then she ran into a friend, a film critic, who is currently obsessed with some short films
made by Godard in lieu of written proposals to potential funders. He was having trouble getting
films financed in the late 70s and 80s, and instead of filling out applications for funding, he made
these shorts that were meant to encapsulate the theory and content of the longer films he wanted
to make. These shorts now stand as works in-and–of themselves.

Inspired by this idea, BIG FUTURE will showcase finished works that have never been shown
before and represent the idea of an as-yet unrealized piece or collection of pieces.

Image courtesy ofKiyaKimRecession Art

47 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11201