The exhibition, HOME. recent work by Frances Hynes, Robert Kobayashi, Gordon Sasaki & Ann Schaumburger, is scheduled from 7-30 March 2013 at Phyllis Stigliano Gallery, 62 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  The show consists of twelve diverse and expressive images of dwellings and their surroundings and interiors that evoke comfort and an overall sense of well-being.

Cliff House, a watercolor by Frances Hynes, is a luminous, meditative image suggesting a cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea.  The work is painted with overlays of transparent washes and stylistically exists on the cusp between abstraction and representation.  Robert Kobayashi’s White Lace is a compelling still-life of a vase placed on lace draped over a table’s edge.  The title of the work suggests he has transformed his medium, metal, into a seemingly sheer and delicate material.  The three illuminated light sculptures of Gordon Sasaki are each unique and expressive organic forms made of rice paper and natural branches.   An installation suspended from the ceiling, Sasaki’s Illumination brings contemporary art and design to the home. There is a soulful simplicity in Ann Schaumburger’s painting, Raw Sienna Sky Houses, 2012, a flattened image of a double house devoid of ornamentation. Her intuitive selection of ten bold and sublime color variations heighten the form and its radiant presence.

Phyllis Stigliano Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located at 62 Eighth Avenue, Park Slope-Brooklyn, NY 11217.  Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 12-5:00PM, or by appointment.  Phone: 718 638.0659 l www.phyllisstigliano.  Directions: approximately 3 blocks from number 2 or 3 train to Grand Army Plaza subway stop l Q train to Seventh Avenue l walking distance from the Brooklyn Museum.