ms1_Tidal Port Orange Tide

Tidal Port Orange Tide

ms2_Deceptive Blue Tide

Deceptive Blue Tide

ms3_Four Waters

Four Waters


Pink Tide into Foggy River


Raining Pink

All aspects of water interest me. Growing up on the banks of Han River and spending summers on the shores of Korean peninsula, I never got tired of watching the tide. The tidal wave and its movements were pure Yin and Yang. As a child I used to have recurring dreams of tsunami. In a dream I was always running away from it knowing that it would claim me sooner or later.

I am deeply interested in the picture surface. I used oil and dry pigment which gave unparalleled color and texture to the painting. Lately I had to stop this practice due to its health hazard and while experimenting various ways to find another interesting medium discovered oil and acrylic, wet on wet, gave me satisfactory result. “Tidal Port” paintings are the product of this new medium.