Loft 594, 594 Bushwick Ave
February 15 – March 1, 2013

Opening Reception Friday February 15, 6-8pm

Afterparty: 8-10pm Fondue and Flannels!
Music and ambient performance: Ryder & Hazel
Live silk screening

Panel Discussion facilitated by Lindsey Wolkowicz: Sunday February 17, 7 pm

All events (except opening reception) $5-10 sliding scale donation

“The appearance of the other in the world corresponds therefore to a
congealed sliding of the whole universe.” Jean Paul Sarte

On February 15, 2013 Loft 594 is pleased to present the opening of
“Others,” a group show curated by Loft 594’s Resident Curator,
Margaret Coleman. This is not a “birds-of-a-feather” kind of show.
Avoiding homogenized genre, the work is not an over-simplified
product. The artists are engaged, the practices diverse. The work is
present. Adopting a collaborative curatorial model, “Others” invites
artists whose works and lives subvert dominant ideology to participate
in a dialogue exploring narratives of difference.

The artist mirrors, centralizes, expands, births, exposes, illuminates
and parties while painting (Claudia Schwalb). The artist translates,
self prints, channels her Central Asian ancestors (Laimah Osman).The
artist interrupts the waste stream; attempts to refrain from plastic
(Bill Basquin). The artist lives in a tent on a sculpture farm, making
huge metal sculptures that require a crane (Ronda Phipps). The artist
makes waves; speaks on panels about Chinese iron casting in
relationship to five-element medicine (Anna Shapiro).
The artist is a one armed, queer, assemblage artist, painter, curator
& stuffed animal maker/enthusiast (Al Benkin). The artist shows
herself through acts of hiding and seeking (EunSun Choi). The artist
uses what she has in her immediate surroundings and documents the
subconscious (Emma Gluckman). The artist makes zines, collaboratively
runs a printing press (Lantz Arroyo). The artist dances for her own
satisfaction, (Manola Maldonado).

The show includes opportunities for further exploration of the work,
including a Fondue and Flannels Afterparty, following the opening
reception on February 15 (Opening Reception 6-8 pm, Afterparty
8-10pm). Bring a flannel to silk screen!
A panel discussion with the artists will take place on Sunday,
February 17, at 7 pm.
A corresponding film evening featuring the work of Bill Basquin,
Samuael Topiary, Lindsey Wolkowicz, and others will begin at 7 pm on
Sunday, February 24. All events, with exception of the opening
reception, ask a $5-10 donation.

Gallery Hours Saturdays 4-6 and by appointment

Loft 594
594 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn NY