ELIZABETH RIGGLE Part is Parts : Studies for a Vertebral Opera

The idea of a vertebral opera “generated from an assignment in a section of clinical anatomy I took… draw the spine. The image filled the wall I was working on, and I recognized the spinal chord as many elements in the service of communication within the body.”

As Riggle pursued the work, “The vertebrae were becoming individual characters and their interactions began to imply possibilities for the opera’s libretto. While these possibilities played out on my studio walls, I found myself having to clarify the characters further with individual portraits. Each element of the spinal chord shares a resemblance to the vertebrae they are in direct contact with, as well their weight bearing and weight spreading functions, but ultimately they are individuals with distinct characteristics.”

Elizabeth Riggle received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and showed extensively in her native city and state prior to coming to New York in 1995.

She exhibits work at a number of venues in New York, where she is also a preparator for the Museum of Modern Art.

She is the recipient of a Fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council.

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