Art 101 features Doug Kofsky’s extraordinary photographs of the Himalaya of Nepal and the Karakoram Range of Northern Pakistan.
Mountainscapes opens at ART 101 on Friday November 30. The opening reception is

from 6 to 9 and the show runs through December 22.
As a teenager climbing in the Colorado Rockies, Kofsky, a native of Wellesley, Mass, dreamed of these mountain sanctuaries; of somehow finding his way to them; to photograph “the emotion of standing in their presence.”
“I taught myself photography from reading books — Ansel Adams, ‘The Negative’ in particular. I also learned about the physics of optics and color from my dad, who is a retired physicist. I started taking photos to teach myself cinematography, to work in the movies, but I found that I enjoyed the meditative solitude in and of itself.”
In preparation for realizing his dream, Kofsky trained in mountain climbing. When he actually arrived in Nepal and Pakistan, he sought local residents to help him find and reach difficult, often uncharted areas — remote places hitherto unseen or photographed.  His equipment was minimal, a tent, a camera on a padded belt, a zoom lens, a polarizing filter, a solar panel and batteries.
The result is these powerful photographs.

ART 101 is located at 101 Grand Street between Berry and Wythe.
We are open Friday through Sunday from 1 to 6, or you may make an appointment.

The gallery is wheelchair accessible.