Melissa Staiger Triangle Works

November 23 – December 23
Opening reception: Friday, November 30th 7-9pm

Janet Kurnatowski Gallery is pleased to present “Triangle Works”, a solo exhibition of Melissa Staiger. The show will be open from November 23 – December 23, 2012 with an opening reception for the artist on Friday, November 30th, from 7-9 pm at 205 Norman Ave, Brooklyn.

Staiger employs the core principles of painting in her work: color, light, shape, texture and line in order to tell a dynamic story. The protagonist of her acrylic narratives is the triangular shape, the mood and essential presence of this motif ebbs and flows due to her lively experiments with simultaneous contrast and other phenomena produced by the specificity of color interactions.

Staiger explains: “Triangles serve the function of movement, while lines emphasize it. They can grow, change color and disappear along the way. Geometry is used as a structured vehicle for color. I use colors in my work to create a further depth and movement. The repetitive nature of the shapes let me focus on color and expose their presence.”

Moreover, the experience of these narratives are greatly affected by structural composition and her application of paint, which allow these works to run the “connotative gambit” from the sensuous quality of a stream traversing a rocky surface, to the menacing mechanical action of razor-shape objects with an ostensible propensity for destruction. Thus, these works combine formal invention with emotive intention.

Staiger was born 1978 and received an MFA from Pratt in 2003. She is also a curator and an active member of the women’s art collective tART and Amerinda. Her work was shown across the United States and has also been included in several New York group shows at Denise Bibro, Wilmer Jennings Gallery, The Painting Center and A.I.R gallery.

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