December 6 to December 9, 2012
Fountain Art Fair
2545 North Miami Avenue
Wynwood, Miami Beach, Fl.33137

Communications coordinator: HM Art 718 237 9618

At the Fountain Art fair, Helene Mukhtar presents a collection of
acrylic and collage paintings completed in 2012 as well as a series of
animations based on her painted work.

In her latest production she celebrates life in all its forms. With
her usual exuberance and sense of humor she mixes bright, vivid
colors reminiscent of her youth spent in the Mediterranean sun
with an expressionist painting style. Line drawings, collage, animal
and human shapes and abstract landscape animate her energetic
compositions influenced by cartoons, street art and medieval

Mukhtar was born and educated in the South of France. She now lives
and works in Brooklyn. Mukhtar received an MFA from Florida State
University. Recent solo shows include the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn,
Galerie ArtSud in France and Ion Studio in Soho.