“Heaven On Earth” series, mixed media on wood by Tara Dixon
OPENING:  Thursday, November 15, 2012 6-8pm
SHOW DATES:  November 6th – 25th
LOCATION:  Superfine, 126 Front Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn 718.243.9005 Closed Mondays.
15% of all sales will go to www.BrooklynRecoveryFund.org
Donations for people effected by the hurricane are welcome.

“Heaven On Earth” series 7.25” x 7.25,” magazine transfers, synthetic gold leaf, embroidery thread on wood

The titles of these pieces are reflective of my belief that heaven exists on earth.  The wood for these pieces came from “drop offs” of a home improvement project:  a desire to create a window box on the inside of my loft.  It brings me joy to tend to my window box garden inside my apartment.  I enjoyed playing with the technique of “transfers” of magazine stock into drying gesso.  This is a nod to one of my idols Robert Rauschenberg as well as my time spent in the magazine world after college before studying at The Art Students League.  The source of most of the images used was “Islands” magazine.  I have not used gold leaf in my work in many years.  While purchasing it, I balked at the prospect of the “real” stuff.  I got scared and practical.  I think this is reflective of so many of our tendencies.  The notion of using the “good china” once a year and “living rooms” across America that are not lived in, arises.  I love embroidery thread and enjoyed buying a bundle in every shade of color that excited me.  Here, I bind the pieces creating four lines that, for me, represent the strings to a musical instrument.  This brings up my love of music and how harmonic vibrations can certainly lead you to believe that heaven exists on earth.

375 each.