Saturday, November 17, 2012


Anonymous Gallery Airstream

9pm onward:
After Party @ Hollow Nickel
W/ DJ Cerock & Shie Moreno

Colab Projectspace
487 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Works & editions by Scott Albrecht, Digby & Iona, Jeila Gueramian, David Heatley, Kenji Hirata, Mike Houston, Karen Ingram, Oliver Jeffers, JK5, Maki Kaoru, Naomi Kazama, Greg Lamarche, Martin Mazorra, Christian Mendoza, Mike Ming, Shie Moreno, Jo?e Parlá, Rey Parlá, Pablo Power, Mac Premo, Rostarr, Yuri Shimojo, Damion Silver, Suckadelic, Tsuru Project, You and Me, The Royal We, and more. Select items are also available: