Each fall, Proteus Gowanus reopens its doors to visitors who venture down its “secret” alleyway to discover the treasures within. What most don’t realize is that the gallery space is available to them for extended stays should they choose to join its co-working program, Study Hall.

It is not widely known that the gallery-cum-libraries offers this alternative co-working solution. At the back end of its quiet, 19th-century alleyway, the gallery opens its doors on weekdays as a communal space for study and contemplation. Filled with art, artifacts and books, this is a milieu that inspires writers and other independent workers. This opportunity to work at Proteus in a companionable environment with like-minded others is available for just $50 a month or $125 for three months. Learn more here:  http://proteusgowanus.org/study-hall/

Proteus Gowanus is also getting the word out that its galleries are available to rent for literary readings, photo shoots, product launches, and parties. In this gallery and gathering place, antique elegance and post-industrial edge surround artifacts of unusual aesthetic interest. Intriguingly off-beat, it is a uniquely alternative destination for celebrations and ceremonies, events and gatherings, unveilings and what-have-you. Learn more about space rental (as the gallery calendar permits) at: http://proteusgowanus.org/space-rental/

These two initiatives are in line with Proteus Gowanus’ mission to deepen the community’s sense of context and connection. Executive Director Tammy Pittman says, “Study Hall is an important part of what we do at Proteus. It brings in new collaborators and friends who often become part of our creative community. We also love making it possible for people to enjoy the intriguing ambiance of Proteus as a social space.”

ABOUT PROTEUS GOWANUS:  Located at 543 Union Street in Brooklyn, Proteus Gowanus seeks to create an alternative, culturally rich environment designed to stimulate the creative process; a place where the boundaries between the artist and non-artist fade, where images and ideas from disparate disciplines are juxtaposed to create new meanings. Through exhibitions, programs and publications, Proteus Gowanus invites artists, writers, workers in other disciplines and community members to participate in open-ended explorations. Learn more by visiting the website at www.ProteusGowanus.org.