Anchor Your Artful Eye
Saturday & Sunday October 6th and 7th 2012,  12 to 5pm

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard Arts Open Studios with Open House New York Weekend, enter at Bldg 92, 63 Flushing Ave. at Carlton Ave.

40 Artists in 6 historic buildings, lots of art, plus scenic views of Wallabout Bay and the East River.

Paul Campbell

Jackie Meier

Pamela Talese.

On the coat tails of the successful Brooklyn Museum’s GO Art Brooklyn, a microcosm of creatives in an intimate industrial environment open their studios this weekend to the public as part of the annual Open House New York Weekend.

Once inside the Navy Yard, it’s a blue-skies-oasis on the waterfront. Make your way by shuttle bus or on foot to several buildings where you’ll meet and see the work of many painters, sculptors, installation and video artists, photographers, and ceramists. You’ll also find an industrial designer, model makers, and a furniture designer.

Have a conversation with painter Jackie Meier about colors and geometric shapes, and find out if  there a roundness to a square and a squareness to a circle. Or query en plein air artist Pamela Talese about working in and around dubious weather conditions.  Ask sculptor Nel Bannier about the challenges in making life size human figures in glazed fired stoneware. Watch Paul Campbell and his team as they find alternative means of mark-making using toys, string, balls, and remote controlled cars.  Find out about a “KidRobot of a Dunny” from model makers at Clockwork Apple. Davina Zagury Feinburg knows a lot about taking pictures of babies because as she says “my approach has the eye of an artist and the touch of a mother.” And that’s only 6 of the 40 encounters you may have at the Navy Yard this weekend.

This event is part of the Annual Open House New York Weekend,

For a list of participating artists, directions, information about free shuttle buses from downtown Brooklyn and other public transportation, please go to