The 440 Gallery is pleased to host a unique exhibition of work by Richard Eagan and Philomena Marano, working together for some thirty years as The Coney Island Hysterical Society.  Art of the Coney Island Hysterical Society will feature individual and collaborative works by Eagan, a founding member of the 440 Gallery, whose architectural evocations of Coney Island are well-known to gallery-goers in New York. His collaborator, Ms. Marano, is an artist in papier collé, or cut and pasted paper: layered and colorful images of light, shadow and motion that illuminate Coney’s buoyant and poignant soul.

Featured in this exhibition will be mixed media works which evoke Coney’s unique pairings of rides and attractions with its vanishing Victorian architecture, its colorful signage and American amusement park whimsy, along with documentation of the Hysterical Society’s early on-site projects.

25 Shoot, 39″ x 52″ x 8″, mixed media