Behind our eyes lies an introverted world known only to ourselves.  While our outward expressions converse with those around us, the essence of our individuality creates an image of how we want to be viewed by others and society as a whole.  The metaphorical masks that we wear to conceal and protect our inner sanctum builds a duality of individualism, a juxtaposition between the idea of ones self and the projection of ones identity.  This ubiquitous feeling is common for both men and women, creating an enticing view of the nature of human beings and how we interact within our communities.  Mighty Tanaka is proud to bring you Stealth Reflections, a solo show and installation by the highly talented artist Miguel Ovalle, as he constructs a hybrid between the expectations of the high society and the warrior instinct by camouflaging a mixture of beauty and raw emotion.

Stealth Reflections pulls back the layers of consciousness and exposes the viewer to an awakening of self reflection.  Through his work, Miguel Ovalle seeks to reveal the inner psyche of the human condition through a myriad of interpretations and techniques.  His steadfast approach defines his meticulous attention for detail.

Using charcoal and graphite to create large sized expressive portraits, Miguel Ovalle achieves to create a range of emotions in the viewer.  Furthermore, Stealth Reflections seeks to display an array of interpretational devices such as three dimensional foam sculptures, custom carved baroque-style frames as well as projections, inviting the viewer to further immerse themselves within the subject.


Friday, September 14th, 2012

(Show closes October 5th, 2012)

Mighty Tanaka, 111 Front St., Suite 224, Brooklyn, NY 11201