Broken Angel is an original creation designed and built by Arthur Wood and his family. It is located on a cul-de-sac in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. Broken Angel served as the stage and backdrop for the concert film Dave Chappelle’s “Block Party”. We are asking your support to help transform this architectural treasure into a museum.

We want you to design an original art piece on one square inch of paper and send it to us. For a $20.00 pledge we will combine your art work with others and display it at Broken Angel for viewing by the general public. We will use these squares to create the worlds largest collaborative art piece. The first 1000 squares sold will be displayed on the facade of Broken Angel. The first $50,000.00 will be used to safeguard the art collection that will eventually be housed in the museum. This includes Arthur Wood’s work in addition to the pieces submitted as part of Broken Angel Squared. All submitted pieces will be archived and preserved for display.

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