Double Stranded: An Exhibition of Works by Teddi I Rogers and Raquel Echanique
Curated by Frankie Velez

How personal can portraiture get when explored in a dual show?
Teddi I Rogers and Raquel Echanique team up to answer this question.

Raquel and Teddi explore portraiture through a deeper and more organic approach than photorealism allows. Teddi incorporates ephemeral materials such as hair and onion skins, while Raquel employs abstraction that suggests what is hidden behind the skin.  With texture, abstraction, subtleness and aggression, loose and thoughtful composure of raw and crowded areas these two artists provide a Double Stranded take on contemporary representation.  Their works have the unique and honest quality of DNA.

On one strand Teddi will use texture, organic materials, heightened color, and varied brushwork to activate different pressure points of your visual sense.

Carrying another strand Raquel will stir up your senses with swirls that pull, twine and modify anatomy in different directions, resulting in a sight of hypnotic relaxation.

We know it’s hot out there and we love it.  Artisanal beer will be provided courtesy of DB Beer!

Teddi Rogers and Raquel Echanique will show the result of a double stranded study on August 2nd at Phantom.

Phantom is located at
48 west 25th street,
New York, NY 10010
between 5th and 6th avenue

Trains F & M 6th Ave Line to 23rd St or
N & R Lexington Ave Line to 23rd St

Double Stranded will be on view Monday-Friday by appointment only until Sunday, September 2nd.