Dog Versus Hat
work by artist John Tebeau
Dizzys, 230 5th Avenue, Brooklyn
April 13- July 29, 2012

John Tebeau’s artwork time travels back to a TV fueled childhood preoccupied with the icons of his youth. All the heroes, both super and not, in John Tebeau’s work possess humanized powers such as logic and swiftness. They are beer, coffee and soda drinking regular joes who fight the good versus evil fight and always win. They have an ace up their sleeve that gives them an advantage over others, even when they are indeed sleeveless. His work is rooted in pop-art as explored in his technique and how he approaches all his low culture and high culture subjects with equanimity.

John Tebeau is a self-taught artist who came to painting after years of cartooning and graphic design in Chicago, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. His vibrant, pop-inspired pieces are held by collectors around the world. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.