Started in 2008, Life in the Cell is a cellphone photography blog that takes a look at the way people approach memories and appreciations through the most common point and shoot out today, a cell phone. Comprised of a growing group of artists, designers, and vagabonds, It serves as pixelated journal to showcase the anonymous appreciation for life, adventures and the pursuit of documentary sharing.

This Thursday, April 19th, we will be having the opening reception for a photo show at Trumbull Gallery ( 143 Roebling St #5 ,Brooklyn, NY 11211)  showcasing hundreds of photos from our collection of contributors, as well as releasing our first zine in a series we hope to continue doing. This issue’s contributors include :
Chino Amobi
Miyako Bellizi
Brandee Brown
Julia Chiang
Othelo Gervacio
Nicol Leddington
Beth Noe
Miles Quillen
Kai Regan
Bunny Rogers
Alex Royle
Lele Saveri
Anna Sheffield
Travess Smalley
James Stone
Joseph Talman
Mauricio Vargas
Proceeds to the show will be contributed to Cell Phones for Soldiers, and will be serving as a donation spot for old cell phones. To learn more about the organization go to their website at
After Party will be held at Grand Billiards at
750 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11226