Irene Gennaro

First Thursdays May 3rd & June 7th 6-8pm.
Closes June 30th
Regular Gallery Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am-5pm.
Saturdays by Appointment 212-260-1751

The Sculptors Guild is pleased to present the latest sculptures of Irene Gennaro – the “Casa Famiglia” series.

Working with the combined processes of constructed and carved wood, oil paint and copper, Gennaro adheres to the visual imagery that again imposes itself from her subconscious to her mind’s eye. The Casa Famiglia series is an intimate group of sculptures which originated with the dream image of a single form, “A Bird On The Roof.” The iconic form of the house/home became the emissary and foundation of the series that followed.

A tall, narrow vertical house supports the organ which is circuitive, highly active and of great length (23 feet). In it the intestines are laid bare. In another house a carved brain seems to be growing from the roof.

A long horizontal form becomes the black board for a poem by Emily Dickinson.

On another house there is carved an intertwining pattern of tree limbs and birds which become the support structure for the presentation of a cedar skeleton.

Gennaro is a carver of wood and explorer of the subconscious. Her imagery is first
encountered thru dream or waking visualizations. Her process involves a regular practice of drawing. Gennaro’s sculptures have explored areas of mythology, entropy and memento mori.

Irene Gennaro is a second-generation carver born on the Lower East Side of NYC and reared in Brooklyn. She has attended residencies in Greece and Quebec. Gennaro was a member of the historic So-Ho Artists collective, 55 Mercer Gallery. She is the recipient of a 2006 Fellowship From The National Academy Museum, NY and she has received the Bronze Casting Award from Polich Art Works, NY.

Gennaro’s solo exibitions include: The Washington Co. Museum of Fine Art, Md. / The
Trenton City Museum, NJ / Broadway Windows, NYU / Robert Rauschenberg Gallery,
Edison Co. College, Fl. / Elgin Co. College, IL. / LaGuardia Co. College, NY/ Washington Square Windows, NYU / The Kentuck Museum, Al. / Newhouse Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY & Rhode Island School of Design, RI.


55 Washington Street, Suite 256, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 422-0555