Selected members of the tART Collective will exhibit works at Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning from April 4 through June 6, 2012. The exhibition titled Collectivity: Art-making in a Collective, examines ways in which members of the tART collective produce work while simultaneously being part of a creative artists’ collective.  What impact does peer studio visits, collaborative projects and collective dialogue have on individual art production?  Heng-Gil Han curator at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning will survey these issues and more through a curated exhibition of a select group of tART Collective members.  The exhibition will place work created prior to members’ inclusion in the collective alongside current work; thus providing an opportunity to appreciate the significance of collaboration and collective endeavors to individual artists’ aesthetic and conceptual shifts, constants, and changes.  Considering the recent proliferation of collaborative projects and collective groups of artists, we believe that this survey is appropriate and relevant to understanding the current state of art. However, it provides only a fraction of the whole value of collective and collaborative working methods. No attempts so far have been made to specifically examine how collective working methods play out on the level of individual artists’ production, which places weight to this exhibition.  We hope that you consider supporting us to successfully tackle this important task by donating any amount you can afford.  Your donation will cover the production of the show and the printing of an issue of the tART zines in which we will report the outcomes of our investigation.  We sincerely appreciate all levels of your supports.

Artists: damali abrams, Liz Ainslie, Julia Whitney Barnes, Suzanne Bennet, Suzanne Broughel, Anna Lise Jensen, Katherine Keltner, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Susan Ross, Nikki Schiro, Yasmin Spiro, Melissa Staiger, Rosemary Taylor, Petra Valentova. Profiles at

“New Pattern” acrylic on board, 10″ x 10″, 2012