Armory Arts Week / Saturday, March 10 / Brooklyn Night / Williamsburg Afterhours
Michael Van den Besselaar

Black & White Gallery

Roberley Bell
Isidro Blasco
Julian Montague
Alejandro Moreno
Santiago Taccetti
Amy Talluto
Michael Van den Besselaar
Eric White

March 10 – April 15, 2012

Opening reception:
Saturday, March 10th, 6-9pm

Black & White Gallery / Project Space, Brooklyn, NY is delighted to launch the second half of its tenth season with “The World According To Roberley Bell, Isidro Blasco, Julian Montague, Alejandro Moreno, Santiago Taccetti, Amy Talluto, Michael Van den Besselaar and Eric White”.

The exhibition will showcase the diversity of the gallery program. The 8 artists included with works representing a variety of media (paintings, installations, sculpture, photography and design) reveal the sharp awareness they have of today’s circumstances. Ranging from Michael Van den Besselaar’s witty and wry observations on a range of familiar social subjects and Eric White’s insightful commentary on the absurdities of life to Julian Montague’s exploration of everything from the mundane to the sublime through text and image, the works in this exhibition cover a wide range of practices, lending the exhibition an uncanny edge.

Image: Michael Van den Besselaar, Reconstruction of an Irrupted Reality, oil on linen, 2011
Black & White Gallery
/ Project Space | 483 Driggs Avenue | Brooklyn | NY | 11211