A (One) Man Show by Joshua Peters
March 22nd-March 31st
Show Opening at Rush Arts Gallery (main gallery) at 526 W 26th St. 3rd Floor, 6-8pm

Emerging Brooklyn artist first one man show In New York
8 original large scale oil and acrylic paintings ($3200-10000)
Figurative, expressive and pop-flavored portraits

Joshua Peters’ artwork …explores the social, political, and cultural response to the individual heroic aspiration. By focusing on both traditional and non-traditional role models, he attempts to deconstruct the influence of masculine stereotypes by examining the conventional social rules imposed on males and females. His work is a reaction to the failure of our heroes as well as our surprise when they defy expectation.

Beau Knows (Boo Knows)
2011, Acrylic on Canvas, 5′ x 4′
Inspired by the training necessary to achieve a body appropriate for the Lingerie Football League, the artist was exploring that in conjunction with an image of a 1980’s sports hero.

2010, Oil on Canvas, 4′ x 3′
I grew up in Hawaii watching Sumo wrestling on television. This painting was inspired by the juxtaposition of how Sumo wrestlers are viewed as heroic athletes and sex symbols in Asia and how the current male standard of beauty seen on television, in the movies, and on the newsstand is muscularly toned and rail thin.