ART 101 will exhibit the respective works of Nicola Ginzel and Chester Nielsen, artists whose process is both visible and coherent. CRITICAL PATH opens on February 17 and runs through March 18. The opening reception is from 6 to 9 on February 17.

The exhibition reveals each artist’s CRITICAL PATH — from photographs of corners of rooms and empty candy and soap wrappers — to the eventual transformation into artworks.

Nicola Ginzel : My work is based on the transformation of random ephemera gathered from the everyday. Through the process of transformation the original meaning of the object changes. The mundane, that served as a particular function at one time or another, is given place and reverence. It transcends its identity.
The selection of all found objects reference time, space or human interaction — they become a sort of ‘philosophical anthropology.’ The level of attention in an experience gives value and meaning.

Chester Nielsen : Process in my work is of imminent importance, it has become the key variable and method of my studies. I am … deeply interested in perceptions and the intimacy of understanding we have of our environment. I attempt to analyze how our intimacies with our own private environments are reflected and influenced by the world around us. The phenomena of perception, specifically the personal perception of our environment is where I begin .There are layers of intrinsic value in all elements of our environment, some real and some are aspects of personal perception… It is precisely the idiosyncrasies and overlaps of our individual realms of comprehension that interest me most.

Nicola Ginzel has exhibited both internationally and nationally. She has received A Change Inc. Grant Award from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation; the Artists’ Fellowship Inc. Assistance Award; the Stephens Grant Award, along with two residencies in Iceland.

Chester Nielsen is an interdisciplinary artist and architect. He received both a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Rice University, working and studying in Houston, Texas and Paris, France. Recently he has worked at the offices of Richard Meier, Martha Schwartz and Frank O. Gehry. He exhibited at ART 101 in 2009, with CALIFORNIA HOUSES.

ART 101 is located at 101 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249.
Open Friday through Sunday from 1 to 6 or by appointment. 718-302-2242 –

The gallery is wheelchair accessible.