Grand Re-Opening of Mighty Tanaka and Reception for Poster Boy’s solo show: NOT FOR PROPHET

Saturday, November 12th

(show runs until December 4th)
6pm – 9pm

111 Front Street, Suite 224
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(F Train to York Street, A/C Train to High Street)

Living in a metropolis like New York City, we’re constantly bombarded with a magnitude of imagery and advertisements from every angle. The inescapable chains of consumerism tempts the mind through the guise of fake polished smiles and subconscious messages – and one artist collective is prepared to stand up to the onslaught of commercialism: Poster Boy. Armed only with a razor blade, renegade street artist Poster Boy’s collage work reinterprets the advertisements around us with an ironic social commentary that teeters in the grey area of the law.

Poster Boy received international press earlier this year when a high profile solo show at Trinity College in Connecticut was canceled for potential legality issues. While the media has demonized Poster Boy’s artwork, there exists a progressive dialogue between consumer and product without the sugar-coating. Poster Boy’s artwork becomes a conduit, channeling raw emotions and frustration through a medium that is accessible for all to interpret.

Not For Prophet is an uncensored insight into the world of Poster Boy. Exhibiting an array of prints, ‘zines and other iconic subject matter, the artwork is a rare peek into the mind of a true rebel.