Accidental Encounter
24 x 18 inches
oil on board

Fallen Angel
24 x 18 inches
oil on board

Free For All
22½ x 18 inches
oil on canvas

Mysterious Entry
22 x 16 inches
oil on canvas

Through Her Own Eyes
36 x 40 inches
oil on canvas

Artist Statement
I am fascinated by the idea of creating still lifes that are not so still. Inspired by interests such as chaos theory, poetics and gravity, I began to paint objects falling through space. In my Accidental Encounters series, I reinvented my concept of an orderly painting, along with my ideal of an orderly world.

By adding a reflective vase, I could combine my still (or not so still) life with figures and interiors. A still life became a self-portrait in my studio, revealed in minute detail on the surface of the vase. The antique and ethnic toys I include represent joy and abandon, and suggest another time and place.

I love to travel, collecting objects and toys that I will later paint. In my work, these objects evoke stories and memories that are both personal and universal. I invite the viewer to join me as we create an “accidental encounter” between our individual aesthetics and those of other cultures.

To create this series of oils, I use a glazing technique that allows light to permeate through layers of transparent color. This lends depth and luminosity to my paintings, which often take many months to complete.


Current Exhibit
Two paintings from the “Accidental Encounter” series are on exhibit in, “Childish Things,” at Tabla Rasa Gallery in Brooklyn through December 11, 2011.

224 48th Street (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Gallery hours: noon – 5pm Thur, Fri & Sat
D or N to Brooklyn 36th St. plus one R stop to 45th St.

Upcoming Exhibit
Fran Beallor’s 2nd Annual Open Studio. The artist is pleased to open her NYC studio to visitors on

Saturday December 3rd from noon till 6pm
Sunday December 4th from noon till 5pm

Fran will be featuring works on paper from her flat files – drawings, watercolors and new works from the past year, in addition to her oils, prints and works from the “Accidental Encounters” series.

Fran Beallor’s studio
839 West End Avenue #6F
NY, NY 10025

IRT subway 1, 2 or 3 to 96th St.