SUGAR presents Lineup, an evolving exhibition

Doug Young
Jacqueline Skaggs
Christy Singleton
Erika Keck
Luisa Kazanas
David B. Frye
Scott Espeseth
Vincent Como

* a selective group of definitions for lineup:
* a Queue area of waiting people
* a police lineup (or identity parade) of suspects
* the roster of a sports team at a given time
* batting order (baseball) in baseball
* the starting position in polocrosse
* the members of a music band at a given time
* the acts performing at a concert
* a term used in Marketing referring to a list of products or services available in a company portfolio.
* and last but not least…a group of artists selected for an exhibition, held in an artist run project based art space, that is “a derivative work of art emanating out of each artists individual works”. (JAH)

SUGAR the alternative to the alternative
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Brooklyn, NY