Abe’s Penny features photographer Niall O’Brien and writer Francesca Gavin in its September series inspired by defunct utopian societies. Each week during the 9th month, the famed Brooklyn art and literature publication will deliver to subscribers its post-card sized segments with O’Brien’s photographs and Gavin’s accompanying text. The series is being mailed in conjunction with O’Brien’s upcoming exhibition Good Rats opening at No.10 gallery in NYC’s TriBeCa, September 13th, 2011.

Niall O’Brien is a fine-art photographer originally from Dublin, Ireland. He has exhibited throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom in the mediums of photography and film. Niall was admitted to The Invisible Committee, a remote commune in Limousin Valley, France, under the auspices of his desire to join the group. His photographs “beautifully employ light and long afternoon shadows to suggest both the romantic idealism of utopian groups as well as their fall into the darkness of obscurity,” according to Anna Knoebel, editor and publisher of Abe’s Penny.

Francesca Gavin is the Visual Arts Editor of Dazed & Confused magazine and a freelance writer and curator. Her previous works include Creative Space, Hellbound: New Gothic Art, and Street Renegades, all published by Laurence King Publishing of London. Gavin’s work in Abe’s Penny is inspired by the quixotic and defunct societies Spiral Tribe, Millbrook, The School of Living and Lower Farmhouse. “They are not photographs and they are not texts,” The New Yorker says of Abe’s Penny’s unique publishing style, “but a combination of both, tangible objects with a heft and significance of their own.”
Subscriptions to Abe’s Penny are available for purchase online, at http://www.abespenny.com/subscribe.html

About Abe’s Penny
Abe’s Penny, LLC publishes mailable art and literature. Each four-part series features an image and text collaboration printed on postcards. Subscribers receive one postcard every week; each month a new series begins. Abe’s Penny is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Independently published by sisters Anna and Tess Knoebel, Abe’s Penny launched in March of 2009. The short and accessible “stories” (off-set printed on double thick matte card stock) aim to change the way our overscheduled and overstimulated audience consumes art and literature. A different photographer and writer collaborate each month.