Jungle Time

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All I Wanna Do

Fishing Dreams

Shifting to Suit the Moment

Although the principle behind my creative work is framing, my intention is the realization of an unexpected use of the photograph. Leaving aside the obvious path, the one indicated in the manual, creating my own manual of the new technologies. My intention when creating is to manage to generate a work-spectator game in which habitual perception is replaced by a new perception. Either by taking almost ignored elements from daily life and placing them in the spotlight in the piece or from photographs of distant places I have visited– seeking to reproduce the surprise in the visitor in the face of the new space to walk around, assimilate, take in. My work is a kind of experiment with elements which, on their own, cannot attain what they manage when they are interrelated. A sort of socialist utopia is thus created, which is realized effectively on canvas.  Reciprocal relationships, equality, the possibility of creating a ‘whole’ from the ‘parts’. Something that seems to be further and further away of really coming to happen in present-day societies after the complete loss of the sense of ‘tribe’ or ‘community’ and the advancement of the every day more predatory decaying capitalism that fractures everything and upsets the balance. My reply to such phenomenon is to seek balance in a virtual manner, inventing an answer for the deficiencies of real life in my work, something like a parallel society or a more peaceful world to inhabit in which we can see ourselves reflected and which we might feel inspired to turn into our reality.