F.O.K.U.S. sets the tone for a creative Father’s Day celebration in Crown Heights with t h e f l o c k arts showcase as part of Soul of Brooklyn Week. Sunday afternoon of June 19th from 12-5 at Five Myles Gallery we want us all to come together for the love of art- in all of the splendid forms it takes.

t h e  f l o c k is an outdoor gathering to showcase and engage with the arts. There will be artisans selling their goods, dancers doing their moves, singers hitting their notes, and so much more. It is a place for artists and their communities to converge.

The Short Stories exhibit currently on display at Five Myles Gallery will be up for viewing as well.

The following artists will be participating:
Sophia Urista
Jessie Levandov (Debris)
The Amo Collective
Courtney Taylor
Tamara Davidson
Stephen Mosley
Amanda Wong
Camilo Godoy
Liz Kauff
Alissa Swenson
Sebastian Flowers
Boris Ginet
Anna Leuchtenberger
Kathryn Klopp

Five Myles Gallery
558 St.John’s Place
between Franklin and Classon
Brooklyn, NY 11203

2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave