Thursday, June 30 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Clover’s Fine Art Gallery presents Textural Abstractions, abstract paintings by a group of artists who share a commonality in their use of texture in their artwork. Works in this exhibition showcase the ingenious creation of rich textures through technique and combining paint with various materials.

Alessandra DeLaCruz: This Brooklyn-based painter incorporates burlap and spackle in her oil on canvas paintings.

Violeta Fiorino: In her mixed media on canvas paintings, Violeta Fiorino uses many different materials in “layering” her paintings. Using mostly her hands and sometimes a thick brush, the artist almost sculpts her paintings.

Essud Fungcap: Artist’s colorful mixed media works include molding paste, papier-maché and burlap fabric.

Taehyub Lee: Tae Lee’s mixed media works combine oil paint with plaster and cast molds.

Raúl Santiago Sebazco: Sebazco’s works of acrylic and sand on canvas evoke cultural prehistory and ancient legacy of humanity through texture, color and symbol.

Clover’s Fine Art Gallery 338 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201