Through the Roof 2009, watercolor on paper, 52" x 70"

Pathway 2010, watercolor on paper, 52" x 68"

Climbers with Blues 2010, watercolor on paper, 52" x 69"

5000 Rosebushes 2010, watercolor on paper, 45 " x 69"

January Crimsons 2011, watercolor on paper, 45" x 57

My mind’s eye sees the destination for the content in my paintings as abstraction. Before this happens, subjects like Georgian interiors at a 1760’s mansion in Philadelphia or formal landscapes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden seem to have a magnetic attraction. Besides a personal interest in American history and flower gardening, it’s because these places and spaces provide the panoply of design elements, patterns and compositions with which to play.  My color palettes are imaginary (not realistic.) The manipulated perspectives look slightly outside of the realm of the real world.

Recently released print edition
Through the Roof is available as an archival print at 20×