Saul Sudin and Elke Reva Sudin are two Boerum Hill artists reclaiming their heritage and making a name for contemporary Jewish art. Named “power couple” by the Jewish Week, the Sudins started SUDINmagazine and to promote contemporary Jewish art and design.

Saul Sudin, filmmaker and critic, writer for and, advocates for new Jewish film.  Saul is currently working on Punk Jews, a documentary which explores Jewish creatives with an unapologetic Jewish identity. Trailer for Punk Jews

Elke Reva Sudin, known for series “Hipsters and Hassids” exploring the two sides of Williamsburg and showing how much they have in common despite their obvious differences in order to create awareness for the commonalities we all share. She is now exploring the urban landscape as universal elements that shape the urban lifestyle and effect the cultures within it.

You can view more about their work at,, check out their publication at and follow their blog

You can visit Elke’s work at the Seventh Heaven festival in Parkslope (7th Avenue, Flatbush – 18th Street) on June 19th.